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Five More Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee “Beans”

Whether it’s a mug of premium instant coffee, a double espresso, or a paper cup full of steaming hot brewed coffee, the ingredient at the base of all of these drinks is the same — the humble coffee bean. There’s clearly a reason that coffee is one of the most popular beverages across the globe. […]

Simple Ways to Save Time and Money

Let’s crunch the numbers: An estimated 120 to 150 million cups of coffee are consumed every day across the USA, at an average rate of 1.6 cups per man and 1.6 cups per woman over the age of 18. No doubt, one or two of them are consumed in or around your household. Now imagine […]

Organo Gold – The Healthy Choice

Ever thought it was possible to combine the health benefits of vitamin supplements with a delicious, steaming hot cup of coffee? You haven’t heard of Orano Gold then. Outside of water, coffee is the world’s most consumed beverage. Every single day Americans drink a whopping 400 million cups of coffee, with more than half of Americans […]

The Power of Residual Income

I talk a lot about residual income and why coffee is one of the most perfect products to be involved with if a person wants true residual income.  After having a conversation with a friend recently, and she asking me what I mean, exactly, by “residual income“, it occurred to me that the term “residual […]

Coffee’s Social Aspects

Drinking coffee is such a huge part of the world’s social makeup, that it would be impossible to imagine a world without it. As a child, I woke to the daily smell of morning coffee.  In addition, my mother would brew a fresh pot every time someone came to visit throughout the day.  It was […]

Acidity and Overall Health

One of the first things I noticed after beginning to drink Organo Gold Coffee (and quitting Starbucks) was that I was free of stomach pain and digestive issues.  At first I didn’t even understand why it was happening but I will say I was very pleased. For about 15 years, I would stop into Starbucks every morning […]