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cup-coffee-daily1 copyWhen was the last time you were paid every time someone enjoyed a cup of coffee?  THE COFFEE BUSINESS IS RECESSION PROOF!  AMERICANS DON’T STOP DRINKING COFFEE!!!

Organo Gold is an extraordinary opportunity to have a successful home-based business and start earning money right away! Organo Gold Healthy Coffee is a specialty coffee company and they are looking for motivated people who want to make great money in the HUGE coffee industry. Are you tired of your regular job (trading your time for someone else’s money)? Are you having trouble finding a regular job?  Why is Organo Gold a “Jackpot” business opportunity?  Let me give you some facts.

Did you know that:

1. Coffee is the most consumed drink after water (Americans consume 400 million cups per day)?  Its a multi-billion dollar annual industry.

2. More than 80% of Americans drink coffee.

3. Millions of people pay up to $4 per cup and many of them drink 3-5 cups per day.

4. Coffee is the most worldwide traded commodity today next to gas and oil.

5. Dunkin Donuts changed their logo from a donut to a cup of coffee (that should say something).

6. Subway started a breakfast menu simply to capitalize on a profitable coffee industry.

7. McDonalds introduced the McCafe in order to also take advantage of the opportunity… they have made over $3 Billion in sales on the McCafe menu alone.

8. The health and wellness industry is being driven by the baby boomers (who are looking for products to help them stay young and vital and will spend any amount of money to do so).

9. 80% of Americans are on a diet or will go on a diet in the next year.

10. Over 70,000 home-based businesses are started every week in North America alone.

Coffee is a product that people are consuming every day in mass amounts (specialty coffee sales continue to increase by 20% per year even in this tough economy).  With Organo Gold, I don’t have to convince them to buy a product that they don’t really need.  Coffee drinkers need their coffee and they now have a healthy alternative to what they’re doing anyway (and that’s drink their coffee).  Men and women of all ages, nationalities, religious backgrounds, economic levels, etc. can appreciate coffee and can do this business.  In other words, coffee and health are universal.

Organo Gold is on a mission to capture 1% of North America’s coffee drinkers within the next 3 years (which translates into $125 million per month in coffee sales).  They are spreading the knowledge of Ganoderma world-wide and are partnering with thousands of people along the way.  Are you ready to be one of those people?

By joining Organo Gold, you will have access to a network of like-minded individuals committed to your success.  Your earning potential is unlimited when you tap into the resources that will bring you the financial freedom you have always desired.

This is such an all around “win-win” situation.  If you feel the same way (and your’re smart if you do), please CONTACT ME and ill help get you going with your new Organo Gold Healthy Coffee business.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time – THERE REALLY IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT!!!



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