5 Things You Need To Know About The Shark

Today, we’ll take a closer look at the man they call “The Shark” and let you in on the 5 things you need to know about our Global Brand Ambassador, Greg Norman.

1. How Did He Get The Nickname?

To answer this question, we have to go all the way back to 1981. Greg was just breaking onto the golf scene and found himself on top of the Leaderboard at The Masters, one of golf’s most prestigious major tournaments. While his aggressive and bold style of play made him an instant crowd favorite, the general public still didn’t know who Greg Norman was or where he came from. In an attempt to find out more information, the media began to ask questions about the unknown blond-haired Aussie who used to spend his days swimming and diving with the sharks.

 As the tournament continued on and Greg maintained his captivating play, the local Augusta, Georgia newspaper reported about golf’s newest breakout star.  The headline touted “Great White Shark To Win The Masters”. This one local newspaper headline spiraled out on a global basis and from that day forward, one of the most iconic nicknames in sports was born.

 2. What’s His Favorite OG Product?

Just like his golf game and business portfolio, Greg’s tastes are quite diverse. Depending on the time of day, you’ll usually find The Shark diving into one of his two favorite OG products: the Black Coffee or the Green Tea.

 In fact, he loves both of these products so much that he always has at least one box of each on his plane so wherever he travels, he always has his two favorite OG products with him!

 3. The Lifestyle Connoisseur Turned Coffee Connoisseur

It’s hard to find a better match than Greg Norman and the Coffee Connoisseur Club. As a lifestyle connoisseur who embraces the finer things that the world has to offer, The Shark instantly realized the potential and value that the C3 brought to the table.

 “What I like about the Coffee Connoisseur Club is the fact that people can go and buy the product if they really like it. You don’t have to necessarily be involved as a Distributor to go and buy the product. To me, that’s the secret of reaching out to a bigger base and expanding your business., I’m excited about the new Coffee Connoisseur Club for Organo Gold and intend to use it in my business. I suggest you do the same!” – Greg Norman

 4. How He Got Involved With Organo Gold

Much like he was during his golfing days, the Shark’s business approach can be described as bold and aggressive. So when he first discovered Organo Gold, The Shark sensed there was something special in the OG waters.

 During late spring of 2013, Greg approached Organo Gold to learn more about the company’s exciting success and future plans.  He liked the products and what he heard and like all new Distributors, he went through the training sessions, followed the 4 steps and was officially introduced to the OG Family at the 2013 Stand United Convention as our Global Brand Ambassador.

 5. The Shark Pedometer

Sharks are known for their swift movements and ability to travel far distances in short periods of time. Lucky for us, OG’s Great White Shark is no different. Greg is always on the road and traveling across the globe to expand his global business and continually grow Organo Gold’s worldwide presence. But how many miles does The Shark travel on a monthly basis? An average month has The Shark navigating the waters on multiple continents. So to calculate exactly how far he travels, we’ve taken one travel month out of Greg’s schedule and counted up all the miles. According to OG’s calculations, our Great White Shark travels over 20,000 miles EACH MONTH!

With this travel schedule, Organo Gold’s Global Brand Ambassador should have no problem sharing the treasures of the earth with the people of the world.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Shark Week finale, as Greg Norman answers “tweets” from you, our OG Distributors. You won’t want to miss it!




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