Five Resolutions Brewing for the New Year

Even the healthiest of habits sometimes can get stuck in a rut, so why not resolve to shake things up and make some changes to your daily coffee drinking routine?

Here are a few ideas to refresh the way you approach that must-have morning beverage.

1. Try Something New

Everyone has their favorites, but ALL of Organo Gold’s products are infused with goodness and delicious flavor. Why not mix things up and try some antioxidant-rich green tea instead of your usual black coffee? Or try a latte or mocha for a creamier coffee experience? There are so many options, it’s easy to mix it up. Who knows? In 2014, you might just find a new favorite.

2. Try the Ganoderma Difference

Sure, the caffeine in coffee gives you that much-needed morning boost. But what about coffee that also contains an ingredient that has been recognized by practitioners of Eastern herbal medicine for thousands of years? All of Organo Gold’s products are infused with ganoderma, a powerful mushroom hailed as the “King of Herbs” in traditional Asian medicine.

3.  Buy a New Mug

Think of it as buying a new outfit for your morning coffee! Not only will it add a new element to your daily coffee ritual, it is an ideal way to start up conversations with strangers about your OG business, and increase awareness and name recognition of Organo Gold. Shop now at the Organo Gold Promotional Items online store, where there’s a selection of mugs, travel mugs and other merchandise available.

4.  Join the Club

Tired of running out of coffee? Join the club — literally. Become a member of Organo Gold’s new Coffee Connoisseur Club and sign up for automatic reordering, and you’ll never have to worry about supplies running low again. Not only is this monthly Auto Delivery service convenient, it will give you access to special deals and exclusive offers. Better yet, it’ll save you countless trips to the grocery store!

5.  Think Outside the Mug

Remember, Organo Gold products aren’t just for drinking, they make great ingredients in the kitchen — as our recent cookbook showed. We were so amazed by the unique array of recipe submissions that showcased the delicious flavors of Organo Gold in everything from cakes to casseroles, we turned them into a cookbook. Grab a copy of the OG Family Holiday Cookbook today and make your next family dinner an OG-fueled feast.



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