A Snappy New Year Drink: Chocolate Ginger Frappe

 Want something different to serve this new year along with your favorite cookies? Thanks to our amazing new OG Family Holiday Cookbook, we’ve got multitudes of unique recipes that showcase the delicious and nutritious flavors of Organo Gold. This particular drink, created by OG Family member Elizabeth Goodman, combines the OGlicious flavors of Organo Gold Mocha or Hot Chocolate with a dash ginger for a wonderful holiday concoction.

Try it this new year, and check out the entire cookbook for inspiration on how to incorporate OG products into some of your favorite festive recipes.

Chocolate Ginger Frappe


1 sachet OG Mocha or OG Hot Chocolate

4 oz. hot water

1/8 tsp powdered ginger

2 cups ice

whipped cream

dark chocolate syrup


Combine the OG Mocha/Hot Chocolate and the powdered ginger with the hot water.

Let it sit for 20 seconds and then stir.

Pour mixture in the blender. Add ice and blend until smooth.

Finish by topping with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Tip: Create a similar recipe by using OG Café Latte and adding caramel and cinnamon toppings.


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