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Coconut Cafe Licuado

INGREDIENTS: 1 (13.5 oz.) can coconut milk, chilled 2 tablespoons Organo Gold Black Coffee Powder 1 (14 oz.) can Sweetened Condensed Milk, chilled Ice cubes DIRECTIONS: COMBINE coconut milk and coffee powder in blender container until coffee is dissolved. Add sweetened condensed milk. PROCESS 2 minutes or until blended. Pour over ice in glasses.

Are YOU the ultimate coffee connoisseur? Join the club today!


A little bit of coffee will no doubt help you seize (and get through) this Monday!

Coffee and Kitties

Many people pair their coffee with something sweet. But in Japan, they prefer something soft and furry! A unique trend has seen around 100 cat cafes spring up around Tokyo in recent years. Customers are invited to enjoy their coffee in the company of friendly cafe cats, who are keen to play, be petted, and […]

Your Coffee Clock

    The best time of day to drink coffee might surprise you…   What time do you reach for your first cup of coffee? Most of us think the sooner the better, and start drinking coffee around 8 a.m. But according to recent research, that’s not necessarily the best time. This article, published recently on […]

We could all use a little more chocolate in our lives- especially around the holiday season!