Acidity and Overall Health

One of the first things I noticed after beginning to drink Organo Gold Coffee (and quitting Starbucks) was that I was free of stomach pain and digestive issues.  At first I didn’t even understand why it was happening but I will say I was very pleased.

For several years, I would stop into Starbucks every morning and get my daily coffee and some type of pastry, muffin, scone, etc. because I felt like it would decrease my stomach discomfort a little bit if I had some food with my coffee.  It did help somewhat, but the daily stomach pains and bloated feeling was still there.

Some of you are probably asking, “well why on earth would you continue to drink Starbucks if it was making you feel bad”?  That’s a very good question and the only answer I have is that it was my addiction and addicted people don’t always make the most intelligent choices.  In fact, coffee IS America’s No. 1 addiction so I know I’m not the only guilty party.  And don’t even get me started on how much money I was spending each month on coffee and overpriced pastries!

In fact, now I DO drink my coffee every morning on an empty stomach (because Organo Gold Coffee is non-acidic it doesn’t give me ANY negative effects).  I’ve never been an early-morning breakfast eater.  I honestly just don’t feel hungry until at least 9:30 or 10:00 a.m. but I don’t ever want to wait that long for my coffee.  With Organo Gold, I don’t have to.

The reason I’m sharing this information about my own health issues is because I want to talk about the IMPORTANCE of watching the amount of acidic foods/beverages we consume.

The Effect of High Body Acidity on Overall Health

Excess body acidity is thought to be the first step towards aging prematurely, can weaken the immune system, can lead to heart and circulation problems, arthritis, joint and ligament issues, kidney stones, osteoporosis, cancers, and the list goes on.  In fact, medical studies are confirming that body acidity is implicated, in some manner, in almost all diseases.  THAT’S DISTURBING!

We need to be aware of this important health risk and seek out products that are more alkaline.  Traditional coffee is extremely acidic.  In fact, to neutralize the amount of acid in ONE cup of traditional coffee, a person would need to drink 14-16 glasses of water!  When I first heard this, I thought of 15+ years of Starbucks coffee consumption and then it clicked for me that this was the reason I was having negative digestive issues.

Organo Gold Healthy Coffee is non-acidic because the amazing ingredient known as Ganoderma that’s infused into each cup of coffee naturally neutralizes the coffee acid making it less bitter and oh so easy on the stomach.  I also have several Organo Gold customers who suffer from gastric reflux and have been told by their doctor that they had to give up coffee.  But now that they’ve found Organo Gold non-acidic coffee, they can have coffee again without any discomfort!

So is Organo Gold coffee life-changing?  I would sure say so.  I’m walking, talking proof (and this is only one of the ways this coffee has improved my health – there are others).  If you’d like to try a free sample of Organo Gold, contact me here, and I’ll arrange to get some to you.  CHANGE YOUR COFFEE CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


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