Turning Coffee Into Gold

This is an excerpt from an article in “Success From Home” magazine (an independent third-party publication).  It’s written by Barbara Seale

Organo Gold transforms coffee into a health food and coffee lovers into entrepreneurs.

Think about it. How many people do you know who drink coffee, tea or hot cocoa at least once per day?  Organo Gold Founder and CEO Bernardo Chua recognized that coffee consumption is universal.  But his goal wasn’t simply to share and sell great coffee. It was to deliver Ganoderma to the Western world.  Coffee was the perfect vehicle.

Marianne Noad, Organo Gold’s first single female Diamond Consultant in the company’s history, was already knowledgeable about Ganoderma when she heard that Organo Gold was being formed. A holistic health practitioner, Noad had routinely recommended Ganoderma in her practice and had personally used it regularly for 6 years.  Both, she, her family and her clients had been benefitting from the 200-plus nutrients it delivers.

I could be a Ganoderma geek”, she jokes.  “All my clients were given Ganoderma for at least a week if they were open to it. Through that, I learned the numerous ways it could speak to the body. When Bernardo (Bernie) Chua and co-founder, Shane Morand, approached me in February 2008 to tell me about the company they were forming, I remember being so excited I actually had tears in my eyes.  With Bernie and Shane as its leaders, I knew that this would be an amazing company and we would make a huge difference in the world.”

Marianne immediately recognized the perfect match between Ganoderma and coffee or tea. The active ingredients in Ganoderma go to work when they’re dissolved in a liquid, and since coffee is the second-most consumed beverage in the world, after water, it was the perfect vehicle to bring the benefits of this little-known ingredient to a wide audience.  And although she had no network marketing experience, she loved that she could show people how to make additional income by introducing friends to a better version of something that they already used every day.

She says “Coffee is an ingenious product to put something like Ganoderma into.  If you want to get Ganoderma into the bloodstream, the fastest way is through the membranes of the mouth.  When you consume Ganoderma, it’s like a smorgasbord for the body. It has more than 200 nutrients, and the body knows exactly what to do with it when it consumes it. Everyone’s body has different imbalances in its hormones or immune system, for example.  Ganoderma has the ability to regulate hundred of imbalances and to help the body normalize.  And because coffee or tea delivers the Ganoderma so fast, the body can quickly do many things with it.”

Today Ganoderma’s benefits are available as fast as you can boil water.  Organo Gold has truly created a product line that lets coffee lovers raise a cup to their health and to their wealth too.  In my opinion, it’s a stroke of pure genius and explains why Organo Gold, as a company, is growing at light-speed and changing the lives of people around the world!

Contact me today to find out about Organo Gold:  http://www.ochealthycoffee.com


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