Organo Gold and Greg Norman Announce Strategic Partnership

 Organo Gold, the gourmet coffee company that caters to consumers’ active lifestyles, proudly announced today it has entered into a global partnership with Greg Norman and his group company,  Great White Shark Enterprises.

Under the agreement, Mr. Norman will serve as a global spokesperson for Organo Gold. Mr. Norman first became involved with Organo Gold as a Distributor, which provided the foundation that led to Norman’s further involvement with the company.  As global spokesperson, Norman will endorse Organo Gold’s expanding distribution network and portfolio of products.

“Five years ago Organo Gold opened a new era in direct selling – a minority-owned and minority-operated global company that leverages the power of direct selling in the new global age of entrepreneurism,” stated Bernardo Chua, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Organo Gold. “Today, our unique model has created one of the fastest growing companies in our industry, and our partnership with Greg Norman marks the start of the next wave of Organo Gold’s evolution by broadening our brand reach and expanding distribution channels.”

Greg Norman added:  “In very similar fashion to Organo Gold, Great White Shark Enterprises was built upon an entrepreneurial platform.  As part of my due diligence, I was amazed to see the opportunity that Organo Gold has afforded to so many people. Organo Gold, has mastered the convergence of the right product with the optimal distribution system.  I look forward to helping Organo Gold grow from strength to strength.”

“Being true to his ‘all-in’ entrepreneurial philosophy, Greg signed up as an OG Distributor and completed our field training,” stated Shane Morand, Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor at Organo Gold. “He quickly achieved leadership status and is leading the Distributor celebration of Organo Gold’s new retail referral program, the Coffee Connoisseur Club.”

“After witnessing Greg Norman’s success on and off the golf course, I knew that he personified the OG vision to create a powerful consumer coffee brand. He is the ideal person to help us expand our distribution, starting with the Coffee Connoisseur Club.” stated Holton Buggs, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Organo Gold. “This is a historic partnership for Organo Gold and the direct selling industry.” Coffee Connoisseur Club The Coffee Connoisseur Club, or C3Club, allows OG Independent Distributors to share the products they love with customers online.  Customers can browse products on Distributors’ websites or directly through the Coffee Connoisseur Club. Monthly product deliveries automatically enroll customers into the Club.

For additional rewards, Club members can refer friends and family through the ‘Sip, Sample, Share’ referral program. Three monthly customer referrals can earn Club members free products; program details are on the website.

“The Coffee Connoisseur Club offers Organo Gold Distributors the opportunity to cater directly to consumers by offering access to the OG suite of products along with the convenience of online ordering,” continued Mr. Buggs. “It’s the Distributor’s channel to welcome consumers into the OG Family.”

Founded in 2008 and celebrating its fifth anniversary, Organo Gold remains focused on its mission to bring the treasures of the earth to the people of the world through its Ganoderma-infused coffee and other products. OG meets this mission through the principles of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, of which the Company has a long-standing and exclusive collaboration. Organo Gold offers its suite of products through its Independent Distributor network and to consumers through its Coffee Connoisseur Club.


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