Coffee’s Social Aspects

Drinking coffee is such a huge part of the world’s social makeup, that it would be impossible to imagine a world without it.

As a child, I woke to the daily smell of morning coffee.  In addition, my mother would brew a fresh pot every time someone came to visit throughout the day.  It was just part of her hospitality.  Neighbors, friends, the Avon rep., our church pastor, door-to-door salespeople and everyone else who stepped foot into our home was offered a cup of coffee without exception.

The social/coffee phenomenon is nothing new.  Historically coffee houses, which were places to drink coffee and socialize, date back as early as the 17th century (possibly even before that).  Coffee shops in the U.S. arose from the espresso-centered Italian coffee houses of the Italian American immigrant communities in major cities such New York City’s “Little Italy” and “Greenwich Village“, Boston’s “North End” and San Francisco’s “North Beach“.

The political nature of much of the 1960′s folk music made the music a natural tie-in with coffeehouses (because of their common association with political actions).  Famous artists like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan began their singing careers performing in coffeehouses where people gathered to talk politics and what was going on in the world.

From the 60′s through the mid 80′s, many churches in the U.S. used coffee houses for outreach purposes.  Christian guitar music was performed and coffee/food was provided and Bible Studies were convened.

We are all familiar with getting together with someone and “getting a coffee” for many different reasons.  Business deals, interviews, announcements, ladies’ get-togethers, dates, events being planned, ideas being exchanged, businesses being started, and so many more of life’s occurrences happen over coffee!  All ages (from high school to seniors) gather around coffee to discuss life as they see it.

Coffee is offered when you go into a bank, when you wait to get your car repaired, when you attend church gatherings, when you go to meetings, etc.  The occasions are limitless.  It has sat in on millions of board meetings around the world.  It’s helped millions of students cram for final exams.  It’s helped many a tired parent of small children who don’t sleep through the night.  Entire websites/blogs are created just to write about coffee.

Coffee brings people together (world-wide)!  This is one of the reasons it made so much sense to me to be part of a business that focuses on a product that is so instantly recognized and loved!

The other reason is because, with Organo Gold, it’s coffee with a healthy aspect to it!  Many millions of people today are looking for natural products that can improve their health (health and wellness is the next trillion dollar industry).  When I found a coffee that had a powerful, natural, healthy ingredient called Ganoderma, I couldn’t sign up fast enough.  It just made sense from a business standpoint.  Promoting a product that was going to help people get healthier and wealthier was a no-brainer to me.  I love Organo Gold on so many levels!!

In fact, all this writing about coffee has made me ready to go make a cup for myself.  So off I go.  If you’d like to find out more, let me know.  You too can “Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life.”  I know I have.


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